The world changes when we change our perspective.

This week I’ve been talking with my pre-teen boys group about empathy. Before we begin this topic, we examine respect towards others. Respect is our golden rule and from that empathy develops. Empathy is an understanding of other people’s feelings. The boys learn that we all have different feelings and responses to situations. They have practiced looking at situations from different perspectives. We did a drawing activity to demonstrate how the same object appears different depending on your point of view.


Respect is our golden rule and from that empathy develops.

Trying to look from the other person’s perspective is a helpful lifelong strategy when faced with conflict. We are more likely to make assumptions whenever we neglect to consider another’s perspective . These assumptions may lead negative feelings, thoughts or behaviours. Aggression and conflict are more likely when parties fail to see each other’s perspectives.

When we walk in another’s shoes we are more likely to relate to people and show compassion. This is an essential component in building positive friendships and for resolving conflict. Empathy is a skill that can be taught and developed. It requires encouragement and opportunity to practise in a supportive environment.

Your child can learn the essential skills to develop empathy and practise them in a supportive small group workshop with one of our Connected Education “Connected Kids Workshops”. For more information contact us or follow on our Facebook page for upcoming workshops in your area. We are always looking for new locations!

Connected Kids Workshops

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