Principal Feedback

Australian Christian College

We were fortunate to have Karen Parrott from Connected Education, to help us start and implement a comprehensive, whole-school Social Emotional Learning program, at Australian Christian College (Darling Downs). From the initial contact when we reached out to Karen, she took the time to guide and empower us.

We love the level of support provided to our teachers. I saw growth in confidence among teachers as Karen worked alongside them to embed the program into classroom practices. Her understanding of classroom dynamics (as a former teacher herself) helped build rapport with our teachers and her supportive approach inspired them to put strategies to use. Our teachers have developed professionally from Karen’s passion and knowledge regarding Social Emotional Learning and benefited from her hands on modelling of in-class lessons with their students.

The students show enthusiasm and respond with excitement to the sessions with Karen and enjoy follow up lessons within their classrooms. We have been impressed by students understanding and actively using respect and empathy throughout the school day and have had reports from parents that it is also improving relationships outside of school. We’ve seen a vast improvement in our students’ self management which has resulted in a decrease in conflict and behaviour incidents. Since starting the program, I now hear students encouraging each other, showing kindness in the playground and taking proactive steps to help others. Our students growth in knowledge and skills has impacted their friendships, behaviour and their academic achievements.

I’m singing the praises of Karen’s service and look forward to continuing our partnership next year. I would recommend the support she provides, to any school looking for an evidence-based program, as our demonstrated results are a testament to the quality of service. With the support of Connected Education, we have created a healthy school culture that values Social and Emotional well-being as a priority.

Jacqui Burrage,

Australian Christian College (Darling Downs)

Teacher Feedback :

The support we have received from Karen has been brilliant.  She helped us to assess where our students were with their emotional development and implement a social emotional program that really engages the students.
Karen has ensured that we know how to teach the lessons and follow up sessions.  The program content has really benefited the students and it has involved the families with their child’s learning. Students are better independent learners in class and more able to manage their feelings at play times.  Connected Education has definitely improved the social emotional learning at our school.
Mrs C, primary teacher