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 Connected Education is all about helping kids shine with confidence! All kids deserve to feel happy, calm and confident- but our world seems to be making it harder for them.

We help parents who are concerned about their children, have a more peaceful home with happy, confident children. I teach kids strategies to help manage emotions and develop confidence with friendships, school and life!

We offer parents a solution when they feel like all the parenting advice out there hasn’t worked and they know the kids will listen and learn better if it comes from someone else.

Helping kids shine, brings SO much joy and when kids are kind and happy, it makes the world a better place for them, their families and everyone!

80309F32-92C0-4FB2-B62A-885383157810Childhood should not be so hard!

Our kids are stressed and some anti-social behaviour (bullying, disengagement and isolation) is spiralling out of control. Mental health issues, anxiety and depression amongst children is increasing at alarming rates. Don’t we all just want our kids to be happy, safe and confident?

Connected Education has proven methods to teach children skills and strategies to develop a positive self esteem, manage their emotions and anxiety with resilience, problem solve, and develop empathy, respect and effective communication skills to build positive relationships.

Now is the time to act, now is the time to prepare our young kids for what may lie ahead. If we act now, we may change the course for our children and their future.

We run age specific workshops for Social Emotional Learning. Our workshops are interactive and small groups foster belonging and sense of security. Topics covered include:

Self confidence
Empathy and respect
Problem solving and decision making
Managing anxiety
Social and Friendship skills

After 18 years in classrooms, I recently left teaching to start Connected Education. I saw a massive need amongst children struggling with the pressures of life! Leaving caring parents feeling overwhelmed by their kids social and emotional needs. I now run Connected Kids Workshops (Social Emotional Learning) for children throughout Perth and regional W.A.
I am passionate about children’s well-being and feel that in our current climate Social Emotional Learning is needed more than ever!

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