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 Connected Education


Children thriving in schools and society. They are supported and are supportive of each other . Individuality is embraced and celebrated. Young people realising their potential with connectedness to the community.


Connected Education advocates for the well-being of children through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) . Our mission is to equip children with a strong foundation of skills and strategies to empower them in the present and prepare for what may lay ahead in the future. To provide a holistic approach and meaningful engagement to educate children for lifelong success, potentially changing the course for young Australians.


The current educational climate has changed rapidly from a student centred focus to a system driven by data and standardised tests (NAPLAN). There has been a push down of academic curriculum and a decline in play based learning in the early years of schooling. The pressure and emotional toll that this shift has had on children is well documented. Schools are struggling to cope with a sharp rise in anxiety, depression and anti-social behaviours among students. With a focus on results in standardised tests, schools, teachers and students are put under pressure to perform.  Education reform is a massive undertaking and requires commitment from government in legislation and policies, which unfortunately may take many years. Our students need change and they need it now!

Connected Education can positively impact children’s lives right now! Teachers here (and world-wide, no doubt) feel increasing pressure and complain that the curriculum is just too busy and in some cases not even developmentally appropriate. They are overwhelmed by the increasing workload, responsibilities and expectations placed upon them. Teachers do not need or want anything extra to take on. This is where ConnectEd provides a solution to the problem. We are passionate about addressing SEL in an authentic and comprehensive manner, in order to equip our children to cope with these academic and societal pressures, to assist with lifelong resilience and thrive in a connected whole school community.


  • To be an active leader in delivering high quality, world respected, evidence based SEL programs to Australian primary school students
  • To implement high quality learning programs that support the development of Socially/ Emotionally competent and confident students who are able to contribute to humanity in meaningful and productive ways.
  • To maximise learning opportunities for all children to reach their full potential through SEL support
  • To provide and disseminate quality SEL resources, professional support and teacher professional development.
  • To contribute and assist schools in creating a safe, supported and inclusive learning environment.

Connected Education works collaboratively with your school, in your school setting with your students. We implement a face to face intensive and comprehensive SEL program. We provide the SEL curriculum, programs and resources AND deliver it to your students in their classroom.