Home-school Support Service

Are you a HOMESCHOOLING parent, trying to work out how to juggle work and your child’s academic demands at the same time?

I’m in that position myself… I never really thought I’d be a homeschooler! I knew that the school environment wasn’t working for my little one and I’m an advocate for children’s well being, so here I am!

In my day to day business I run workshops for kids to build resilience, confidence and understand their emotions. But, I am also a qualified and experienced teacher and it’s in my blood!!

I’m passionate about kids learning, but know that their well-being is most important. It breaks my heart that school is such a hard place for some kids- either because of other children bullying or the demands and pressure is too much.

Our BRAND NEW service for homeschooled children teaches the curriculum, but also addresses the emotional well-being of kids. It’s a stress-free, positive learning environment where children can be free to learn in peace with support from a nurturing teacher.

I believe that kids thrive when they have a personalised program, so our number will be strictly capped at 8 children. This means, spaces are limited and may fill quickly.

If homeschooling seems overwhelming, our support can make the journey easier for you and your child.

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